Thursday, March 01, 2007

March is Tarsier Month

There actually is no official tarsier month. Can you believe it?
Why are pet stores filled with stupid hamsters when we could have tarsiers instead?
Maybe it's because tarsiers are endangered, and hamsters are not.
Or because tarsiers commit suicide in captivity (no joke!).

This first one is unfortunately sideways, but too precious for me to leave out:

I really wanted to include here a link to the Philippine Tarsier Foundation so people could learn more and hopefully donate, but their website doesn't seem to be working. So here's a link to the International Primate Protection League instead.


Tmoore said...

Jesus. look at those eyes... if i had to venture a guess, i'd say that they kill themselves in captivity because those eyes can see straight to a person's soul (or at least there undies.)can you guess what they see?

vanessa said...

we were buying cat food recently and i was able to escape from the car and sneak in to visit the animals. there were hampsters the size of a really robust hamburger. they were calm and HUGE. one of the employees was picking one up and she was using both hands. like she was eating a fuzzy curled hamburger.

Undead Molly said...

Your soul looks like a small tangle of dirty twine. That's what the tarsiers would see. My soul looks like a graceful rainbow sea horse. Just kidding, it looks like a house centipede.

VANESSA WHERE ARE THE GIANT HAMSTERS? I had a dream the other night that I gave you your birthday present and you HATED it and made very little effort to conceal your feelings. I was very hurt.

Faith! said...

My roommate and I binged on R. Kelly's Trapped In A Closet last night, and these were the only webvids that took the edge off the DTs. Thanks for being a lifesaver.

Brooke said...

They look like moving kiwi fruits with gigantic eye pods.

Undead Molly said...

Faith, I didn't understand your comment and asked Chris to explain it to me. I have subsequently been introduced to Trapped in a Closet. I'm not sure whether to thank you or send an assassin to your place.

Anonymous said...

they were at. um. i don't remember what it's called. some generic name like pet co. it's on williston road. there is more to the story.
i don't think i've ever hated a present.