Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Video finds

Jubilant Japanese potty cartoon.

Henry Rollins interviewing Werner Herzog.

Squirrel melts

Coming Spring of 2007!


casey said...

I am a comment-hog, I know. But I just can't help it.

Liked the Japanese Toilet Tigers.

Loved the Rollins-Herzog interview. HR is so earnest and respectful. WH is so intellectually savvy. If only we could genetically fuse them. The perfect human?

Squirrel melts! The mom has so many great lines:

"Where's your second safety?"

"I put his tender little butt in there."

"You can take them to a tailgate party."

The chubby boy from The Color of Cannibals has real star power. I'm thinking he'd own in a remake of The Goonies.

Undead Molly said...

Oh, please continue being a comment hog. I appreciate it. This was my 100th post to this blog and I as I was putting it up this morning I was thinking that I sort of miss the MySpace blog only because I used to get more feedback there. Even though I know more people read this Blogspot one, they just don't comment.

It's lonely in cyberspace. Nobody loves me. I need an eHug.

Brooke said...

E-hug for spending time searching the internet for finds like these. "It is exhilirating for a man to get shot at with little success."
Squirrel melts?!?!?!? Oh, my. Reminded me of my old roommate. I'm sure he would've found that a very useful recipe.
You know there are lots of clips of cats pooping in toilets, right? I uncovered many of them when we went through that brief (and 70% successful) attempt to toilet train Brando and Natascha.

Happy 100th post!

Undead Molly said...

I am aware of the cats-and-toilets phenomenon. What happens when the toilet cats become old and arthritic? What happens when elderly kitty can't jump up anymore? What if decrepit kitty falls in?

I am concerned about the long-term outcomes for toilet felines. Do you have to reverse-train them to use the litter again?

casey said...

Aging cats? No problem. Simply skin 'em and "put their tender little butts" in some boiling water. Serve on English muffin with Velveeta.

Undead Molly said...

I think I would roast Bea - she's so plump and full of savory juices. Victor is so lean that I think he's destined for boiling. Victor melts.

Anonymous said...

That first one was great! The squirrel melts were, well, lets just say that it's a recipe I'm not likely to try anytime soon! *laughs*

Happy 100th post!