Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shitty photos of amazing stuff

Last October I went to a Halloween party hosted by some friends of mine. They had rented the Odd Fellows Temple Club on North Avenue in Burlington for the occasion. I wasn't feeling very well and don't drink much anymore, so I was happy wandering around the perimeter of the dance floor and exploring the hallways and basement, taking pictures of the beautiful prints, paintings, and documents framed on the walls.

The pictures turned out horribly because of the Halloweeny lighting conditions, but I thought a few of you might enjoy having a look anyway - especially in light of our comrade Tanner's recent revelations that he's all kind of connected to these secret fraternal organizations. If you just do a Google image search for Odd Fellows you can find much better reproductions of some of these.

Here's what your intrepid blogger/shitty photographer looked like that night. I was Miss Undead Vermont!


Anonymous said...

very interesting; whats with the frame with the cross and sickle moon staffs cutting a "V" behind the alter... that seems so strange.... must get to the bottom of this.

thanks Molly!

Undead Molly said...

I couldn't believe they left all their stuff hanging up and laying around when random people rent their hall. I could've spent hours scrutinizing the joint. We should see how much it is to rent the place. Maybe you guys can throw Casey a bachelor's party there or something.